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Title: The causes and prevention of airline baggage handler back injuries : safe designs where required where behaviour and administrative solutions have had limited effect.
Author: Dell, Geoff
Subjects: Airlines
Industrial Safety
Back injuries - prevention
Occupational diseases
Work environment
Lifting and carrying
Safety measures
Materials handling
Date: 2007
Type: Thesis, Doctor of Philosophy
Publisher: University of Ballarat
Abstract: Back injuries have consistently been the most common types of injuries suffered by people at work. They have been a significant worker injury problem in most, if not all, industrialised countries for many years and manual handling has long been established as a significant task related back injury causal factor.[...] This research project established that the manufacturers of the jet airlines used by the airlines in this study had not previously been acquainted with the issue of baggage handler back injuries.[...] This study also canvassed the opinion of airline safety professionals and airline baggage handlers concerning baggage handling tasks and working environment related causal factors. [...] A major focus of this research project was also to measure the effect of ACE and Sliding Carpet, two commercially available retro-fit baggage systems, on the risk of back injuries to baggage handlers stacking baggage within Boeing B737 narrow-body aircraft.
Download: pdf - 34 MB