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All courses are personally tailored to suit your individual needs. 

These programs can be delivered by Protocol Safety Management Instructors or Protocol can provide "Train the Trainer" so that our clients can have the flexibility to train personnel on a Ďas required basisí.

Other Publications : 

Monthly O H & S, Aviation Ground Safety & Dangerous Goods Update containing timely and relevant information. It may be duplicated in-house for distribution by client to staff members. 

Annual Staff Safety Information Handbook containing summary information on safety procedures and policies. This book can be duplicated in-house for distribution to staff.

Consulting Services

Need a safety department but can't justify full time staff? 

Need perhaps one day week/month? Call Protocol for your safety presence.  

Protocol Safety Management utilises consulting Associates with expertise in all facets of Occupational Health & Safety. With experience in applying systems safety management solutions in both large and small companies, Protocol Safety Management is committed to provide excellence in service delivery worldwide.